3 ways to make your silk press last longer.

If you are a naturalista, and you’ve had your hair silken , or blown out then you’ve probably been through it… You know what, the attack of the humidity after your blow out. I’ve been there and it could be so frustrating, and feel like a waste of your hard earned money.

Here’s 3 tips to preserve your Silk press:

1. Pin curls before bed and our P31 Premium Silk Bonnets, or Satin pillowcases! This will save your time in the morning and keep your your with body even when there is humidity.
2. Use our P31 Revitializer Oil on your scalp to keep it moisturized, and use what’s left on your hands over your hair to reduce frizz
3. Use Brilliant High Shine mist by BASIC HAIR CARE ,it works wonders for natural hair! It reduces frizz, Conditions and protects hair, and the best part of it all.. It repels water!

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